7 Science-Backed Ways to Curb Food Cravings



We won't sugarcoat it: Willpower is definitely a prerequisite if you're aiming to shed a few pounds—or, you know, if it's 4 p.m., you've hit a wall at work, and the dark chocolate in your purse is all but shrieking your name. But while having a steely resolve is definitely immensely helpful in keeping hunger pangs at bay, it also doesn't have to be the end-all, be-all. On the contrary, there are many effective strategies for stopping cravings in their tracks—and many of them happen to be backed by science.

For example, did you know just smelling a certain fruit can suppress your hunger hormone? Or that a chemical found in one of your favorite snacks can keep you satiated for hours on end? We did the research so you don't have to—now bolster your sheer determination with any of these tips to quell that hanger once and for all. 

Keep reading for seven highly effective ways to curb cravings.

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