How to Stay in Shape When You're Traveling (It's Possible)


Free People

Whether you’re on the road for work or vacationing with friends and family, keeping up with fitness goals can prove rather difficult when you’re traveling. But that doesn’t mean you should let all your hard work go to waste just because you are on the go. To help you maintain your fitness regimen while entertaining a busy schedule and living out of a hotel room, we asked Edwin Santiago, body architect at Anatomy at 1220 in Miami, for some quick and effective workout tips for traveling.

Among Santiago’s recommendations are taking the stairs instead of the elevator, stretching on the daily, and swapping gym workouts for a resistance band routine. And while these workouts seem rather doable, they don’t take much time either (all of Santiago’s tips take just 30 minutes or less). For quick and easy ways to workout while traveling, keep on reading.