How People Hydrate Around the World (Yes, It's Different Everywhere)



Here at Byrdie, when we ask celebrities to name their number one beauty tip, almost every single person says the same thing: Drink. More. Water. Everyone from Kourtney Kardashian to Zoe Saldana to Lea Michele swears that drinking 64 ounces of ice-cold water every day is the secret to staying slim, healthy, and youthful. But it's not just celebrities who have an obsession with hydration. Ask a group of American women to name a health goal of theirs, and I guarantee that at least one person will say to drink more water.

This American fixation on H20—and fear of not getting enough of it—got me thinking: What is the rest of the world's attitude toward hydration? Is everyone as neurotic as we are? And are people's taste in water even the same in other cultures?

To find out, we asked wellness gurus from six different countries around the world to tell us about their country's water-drinking habits. And what we found was absolutely fascinating. Keep scrolling to find out how women hydrate in China, Iran, Australia, and more.