A Trainer Over 40 Shares Her Best Fitness Tips

"Why Women of 40 and 50 Are the New 'Ageless Generation,'" reads a headline from UK-based publication The Telegraph. According to the publisher's exclusive survey, 96% of women over 40 "don't feel middle-aged at all," with two-thirds considering themselves to be in their prime, particularly because of a focus on health and wellness. And while our bodies experience loss as we age (bone density lowers, metabolism slows, estrogen levels decrease, etc.), maintaining a consistent fitness routine is paramount to counteracting signs of internal and external aging, something celebrity fitness trainer and fitness ambassador for Lycored Kira Stokes knows to be true.

"When it comes to women hitting midlife (life expectancy is still in fact about 71 worldwide and 80 for developed nations), the first thing I encourage people to think about is that 40 is no longer the stereotypical version of 40 that's existed for decades," she says. "Women used to be questioned for being in great shape and focusing on fitness past a certain age. Now the question is 'Well, why they heck aren't you in great shape?' The game has changed in terms of how we look at age, access to healthcare and wellness offerings and products, and just in terms of how we look at societal norms. It is tough to look at a Salma Hayek, Gabrielle Union, or Reese Witherspoon and say, 'That's past prime.'"

To help you reach your own fitness prime well into your 40s and 50s, Stokes shared with us her best fitness and nutrition tips, which you can find below.