Spring-Cleaning Challenge: Skincare Edition


Stef Mitchell for Urban Outfitters

Ready for a reboot as we surge into spring? Us, too—which is why during March, we're pledging to declutter our lives from every angle. We've recruited some of the savviest experts in the biz to lead us in challenges to detox and refresh our diets, our makeup bags, and more. And since there are strength and solidarity in numbers, we're inviting you to join us! Keep us posted on your progress in the comments section and on Snapchat (@ByrdieBeauty).

So you've given your diet a good tidying up, and maybe your makeup bag, too. Where to set your spring-cleaning sights next? Let's talk skin.

Giving your complexion a periodic detox is highly underrated. Not only does it allow you to reset, reboot, and reveal the natural glow you never knew you had, but it also allows you to take stock of every ingredient you're putting on your skin on a daily basis. Our skin absorbs a sizable percentage of the chemicals it's exposed to—up to five pounds a year from cosmetics alone, scientists have found. A regular clean-out would definitely do us all good, and now is as good a time as any.

Cleansing your complexion is a holistic endeavor, as in many ways, what we put on our body and what we put in it is one in the same. So to help us get started, we though it only made sense to recruit two of the savviest (and most radiant) natural beauty gurus we know: Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima, founders and co-owners of CAP Beauty.

"There are so many factors that influence our skin, from what we put on it to the environmental stressors that surround us to the foods we eat and drink. It's no surprise that our skin can easily become overwhelmed," the pair says. "It is, after all, a detox organ. Its job is to help eliminate irritants and toxins, and so the more of these we encounter, the more our skin has to work to eliminate them. And these toxins are often the root cause of inflammation and breakouts."

Below, DiPrima and Pamer take us through a manageable plan to clean our complexions from the inside out. 

Thinking about trying out our skin detox challenge? Hit us with any questions, comments, or progress updates in the comments below!