11 Buzzy New Charcoal Products We're Talking About at Byrdie HQ

Every skincare junkie has experienced her fair share of charcoal masks—activated charcoal has been used to clear bacteria, toxins, and other gunk from congested pores for decades. But in the past year, charcoal-based skincare has gotten really creative. Of course, we've all seen the videos of those crazy painful DIY peel-off masks made out of charcoal and glue, but respected beauty brands are also getting super fancy with their charcoal products. We're seeing multistep sheet masks, cleansers that come in stick form, charcoal-infused blotting sheets, and more.

If you've got pore problems, the beauty industry has innovative new answers. Keep scrolling to shop 11 intriguing new charcoal skincare products we're talking about at Byrdie HQ.