How to Shave the Back of Your Own Neck

man with shaved back of neck


Our barber visits seem like routine lifesavers when it comes to self-care. Each appointment provides a needed physical and mental reset, but the grooming reminders creep up on us in between. To make sure we look and feel our best, it's essential to also continue the self-care work at home. For many, nothing's more irritating than the baby hairs that begin to kick up like little follicle gremlins and mess with the put-together feeling that comes with a fresh cut. Luckily, we've created a step-by-step guide on how to shave the back of your own neck properly for a clean and crisp reset. 

An electric clipper is the best way to get started. Recent engineering has revealed both corded and cordless clippers like Wahl's Balding Clipper or the Andis Slimline Pro as favorable options. Cordless clippers give more flexibility and range of motion when rotating the clipper, while corded options can pack a bit more power with the electric outlet connection. More power also means less need to run over certain areas multiple times.

For this demonstration, we’re using Bevel's Trimmer V2 to show you how to shave the back of your neck from start to finish. Keep reading for all our best tips.

The Process

  • Assuming you’re equipped with a mirror that gives you a clear visual of the back of your neck, look for your hairline plus where the new growth is visible.
  • Before turning on the machine, practice with your finger. Follow the downward motion from where the new growth line starts to the bottom of your neck, where you'll generally want to end.
Man tracing back of neck with finger

Darius Davie

Man tracing back of neck with three fingers

Darius Davie

  • Turn the clipper upside down and begin to shave downwards towards your shoulder blades, at the original spot you'd traced with your finger. The slower the strokes, the more effective the clipper is to accurately shave the short hairs on the back of your neck.
Man holds cordless clipper to hairline at back of neck

Darius Davie

Man moves cordless clipper down back of neck while steadying head with other hand

Darius Davie

  • For a closer shave, simply place your free hand towards your occipital bone and stretch the skin upwards, as pictured below. This lifts the skin, which reinforces the cut as you continue to use the clipper.
Man holds skin taut while shaving back of neck with cordless clippers

Darius Davie

  • To achieve a rounded neckline, simply lay the clipper on those hard corners and rotate it into an arc-shape. 
  • The corners of your hairline at the back of your neck can be more difficult to shave because of the most common mistakes. Don't try to hold your clipper perpendicular and cut inward to achieve the signature “narrow neck” outcome. The best outcome is to hold the clipper parallel to your natural hairline and shave downwards. Use the corners of the clipper blade and apply light strokes along the sides of your neck as you reach your shoulder blades.
Man holds cordless clipper sideways while defining hairline at back of neck

Darius Davie

Close-up of man shaving back of neck with cordless clipper

Darius Davie

After you're done, treat the neck with a moisturizing balm or aftershave balm to tame the skin. Be mindful of the ingredients when choosing a balm to avoid irritation—menthol or a high alcohol content may not be ideal for those with sensitive skin.


  • Disinfect your clipper before and after each use. Andis Cool Care Plus is a multipurpose cleanser that will protect the machine and reduce chances of rust. 
  • Be sure to wipe any greasy residue from the spray off the clipper blade. Failure to properly clean your clipper can result in rust, clogged hairs, and a dull motor.

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