7 Tips for a Perfect Bikini Line Shave

See you never, razor burn.

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Your bikini line is a very delicate area, so any grooming down there requires a light touch and the right products. Without good shaving habits, you risk having issues like razor burn (redness and bumps) on the very spot you're trying to keep looking immaculate.

Here are seven tips to get a smooth, close shave while avoiding irritation, nicks, razor burn, and ingrown hairs beneath your underwear line.

Warm Up

Always shave during a warm shower or bath. Heat and hydration soften your skin and relax the hair follicles, making the shaving process a lot smoother.

Choose Your Shaving Cream or Gel Wisely

A bar of soap just doesn't cut it. Shaving cream or gel makes a difference in getting a close shave, while also protecting the sensitive bikini area from irritation. For something gentle and calming, try Cremo French Lavender Moisturizing Shave Cream ($6).

Don’t Skimp on Your Razor

Choosing the right razor is a worthy investment, but doesn't have to be pricey. Look for a razor with two blades (the more blades, the more likely you are to experience irritation and razor burn). Replace your razor or razor head often to ensure you're using a sharp, clean blade that will glide across skin and hair smoothly, without tugging or irritating the hair follicles.

Trim First

If you’ve never shaved your bikini line, or haven’t in a while, it’s helpful to trim the hair down as short as possible. The less hair you start out with means fewer times going over the area with a razor, as well as less clogging of the blade. 

Using a fine-tooth comb, comb through the hair, keeping the comb flat against your skin. Trim over the comb with scissors, with a bikini trimmer, or with clippers, using the shortest guard.


Getting rid of dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin not only makes it easier to get a closer shave, but it also helps prevent ingrown hairs. Use a gentle body scrub like Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Body Polish ($36) on your bikini line pre-shave.

Practice a Good Shaving Technique

Perfect your skills. Before you start, rinse the blades with warm or hot water. No need to apply a lot of pressure while shaving; a new, sharp razor does most of the work for you. Shave in the direction of hair growth first. Rinse the razor in between strokes in order to avoid clogging it. If you still need a closer shave after that, shave against the hair growth while holding skin taut. Try not to go over the same area more than twice, especially if you have sensitive skin. When you're finished, rinse.

Moisturize Your Bikini Line

After shaving, apply a light lotion or oil. Moisturizing helps soothe the skin and prevent razor burn, as well as relieve any redness or irritation if you do happen to experience that. Fur Oil ($46) was made especially for the sensitive pubic area.

Avoid applying products that are too thick to the bikini line. They could clog hair follicles and cause breakouts.

There you have it: a smooth bikini line and no razor burn in sight.

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