The DIY Callus Remover That Rivals a Professional Pedicure

DIY Callus Remover



Apart from well-manicured cuticles and perfectly polished nails, we love that magical feeling of baby-soft soles after a salon pedicure. But when life gets busy and a salon pedicure inches lower on your to-do list, an at-home pampering session becomes all the more necessary. In between filing, hydrating, and painting, we love doing a natural callus remover to get rid of dry, cracked heels. Best part? We found a way to DIY it using common ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen. Keep scrolling for softer soles.

DIY Callus Remover

What You'll Need

What To Do 

Soak the piece of bread in apple cider vinegar for a few hours until it forms a paste. Then, lay the bread over your calluses, secure it in place with an elastic bandage or plastic wrap, and leave it on overnight. Rinse off in the morning.

The Benefits

Touted for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, apple cider vinegar is often used as a natural cleaning solution for the home. And for the feet, the benefits may be no different. While you sleep, the acidity of the vinegar is meant to work to soften skin on the feet that's been hardened by wearing tight shoes, walking on certain surfaces, or even having underlying health issues.

For more stubborn calluses, try a pre-soak before diving into the DIY callus remover. A simple 30-minute baking soda soak may remove the top layer of dead skin, making the apple cider vinegar concoction that much more effective.

Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda
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The Best Products for Calluses

Not the DIY type? We've rounded up a slew of store-bought solutions for smooth feet.

Aveeno Repairing Cica Moisturizing Foot Mask
Aveeno Repairing Cica Moisturizing Foot Mask $3.00

These foot slippers are a dream for dry feet—shea butter promises to rid dryness while prebiotic oat is meant to nourish.

Bliss Aloe Leaf & Peppermint Foot Cream
Bliss Aloe Leaf & Peppermint Foot Cream $10.00

Cooling peppermint and soothing aloe vera promise to transform dry, achy feet into awakened, silky smooth soles.

Barefoot Scientist Professional Micro-Grated XL Rasp
Barefoot Scientist Professional Micro-Grated XL Rasp $12.00

This stainless steel foot rasp features over 200 safety-edged micro grates meant for safe, efficient removal of built-up callused skin.

Caudal Foot Beauty Cream
Caudalie Foot Beauty Cream $15.00

This shea butter-enriched foot cream has a balmy consistency, making it the perfect solution for cracked heels.

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