Happy Feet: The DIY Callus Remover That Rivals a Professional Pedicure

You know that magical, baby-soft feeling your soles have after a salon pedicure? We found a way to recreate it at home using ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Keep reading to find out how it’s done!

remove calluses at home

DIY Callus Remover

What you’ll need:

Apple cider vinegar

Piece of bread

Plastic wrap or Ace bandage


How it’s done:

Soak the piece of bread in apple cider vinegar for a few hours until it forms a paste. Then lay the bread over your calluses, secure it in place with an Ace bandage or plastic wrap, and leave it overnight. While you sleep, the acidity of the vinegar works to soften skin. Apple cider vinegar also has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which never hurt when it comes to feet. Rinse it off in the morning to reveal smooth soles. 

Baking Soda Soak

And if you really want to banish those calluses, start with a 30-minute baking soda soak to remove the top layer of dead skin before you apply the treatment. With or without the callus remover, an Epsom salt soak will also soften rough spots and draw out toxins.

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