How to Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected in Even the Most Stressful Situations


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Be it a deadline, an important meeting, or an ever-growing to-do list, stress manages to find a way into our everyday lives. And, while stress can be motivating at times, it more often than not causes us to be completely overwhelmed. Determined not to let stress wreak havoc on our well-being, we reached out to Sandra Overby-Cooper, a registered nurse, hospital supervisor, and holistic health coach at University Place Center for Energy Medicine, for her tips on how to relieve stress.

Having worked in an emergency room setting for over 28 years, Overby-Cooper knows a thing or two about handling stressful situations. And, while Overby-Cooper insists that proper self-care is necessary when dealing with stress, she has a few tricks up her sleeve for creating calm in high-pressure moments. For the stress-reduction tips as told to us by an emergency room nurse, keep on reading.