7 Smart Products to Help You Stop Stressing Out, Right This Second



Anticipating the good cheer and family shenanigans of the holiday season is one thing; preparing yourself for the inevitable horrific travel conditions is quite another. With the probability of bumper-to-bumper traffic, long security lines, and flights delayed or grounded due to adverse weather conditions at an all-time high, optimism that you'll evade it all isn't enough—it's best to be prepared.

Fortunately for us, finding alternative methods to curb stress and anxiety has become something of a (long-awaited) trend: There's a whole crop of products (and apps!) devoted to calming the mind and body in seconds, no matter where you are. So while we're only wishing you the best as you head off on your holiday travels, on the off-chance that there's an overnight stay at an airport gate future, we've got you covered.

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