Here's Good News for Girls Who Are Anxious but Also Love Makeup


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An affinity for beauty, more specifically an intricate skincare and makeup routine, is often viewed as vapid or narcissistic. It's a perspective that is practically engrained in our culture, scorning women for engaging in "frivolous" activities or "vain" procedures, while ignoring those who don't fit the beauty ideal. While this is wildly problematic, it's also discounting a key factor in the morning beauty routine: It's proven to ease anxiety. So, while there's no reason to apologize for your vitamin C serums and stack of lipsticks, it's compelling to consider how your beauty rituals can benefit your mind, as well as your face.

"Habitual behaviors help us to clear our minds," says Vivian Diller, Ph.D. "Like rhythmic breathing during meditation, morning beauty routines induce a feeling of calmness and in control." In fact, our brains find logic and perceive higher levels of efficacy in things we do routinely or several times over. According to the findings, the practices with the most number of steps, repetition of procedures, and a specified time (like a morning skincare routine) have the biggest influence. Below, we tapped experts and researched various studies on the subject to get a better understanding of why it really works.

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