5 Things I Learned at Skincare Boot Camp


Victoria Hoff

By the time I step through the doors of the gorgeous Me Hotel, situated on the picture-perfect coastline of Ibiza, Spain, I'm a shell of a human being—and if my dark circles and delirious affect don't give me away, my dull complexion certainly does. To be fair, I've just spent 24 hours journeying from the arid heat of Los Angeles to this balmy Mediterranean clime, and the vast majority of that time was spent in the unforgiving, climate-controlled void of an airplane cabin—read: where all refreshed and bright complexions go to die.

The silver lining of my debilitating exhaustion is that that I'm actually here in the pursuit of perfect skin. For the next three days, I'll embark on a skincare boot camp, graciously hosted by Skin Inc. and the brand's lovable (and highly knowledgeable) founder, Sabrina Tan. Considering that the Japanese skincare label has earned a cult following across the globe for its highly effective, customizable serum blends (not to mention a slew of other amazing products), I know my travel-worn face is in good hands.

Sure enough, 72 hours later, I'm feeling both relatively more well-rested and undeniably confident in all my new skincare knowledge. Now that I have a better understanding of factors like the real culprit behind aging and the ingredients that work best for my skin type, dare I say I even feel prepared for my long journey home?

Keep reading to see the most valuable things I learned at skincare boot camp.

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