How to Prevent Your Muscles From Getting Sore After a Workout

If you asked me what the worst part about working out is, my answer wouldn’t be the exercise itself. It would be the seemingly unavoidable post-exercise soreness. You know, where you can barely stand, sitting down nearly requires a handlebar, and walking up—or, god forbid, down—stairs feels like torture. And aside from the discomfort itself, the muscle soreness straight-up precludes a next-day workout. Your muscles are so sore and shaky that you couldn’t do a squat if you tried; you can barely sit down on the couch, let alone do another boot camp, HIIT, or kickboxing class. Then it takes a couple of days to recover, and you’ve lost momentum; it’s like you’re being punished for trying hard. Yet experts agree that if you’re doing the kind of lightweight, leisurely exercise that doesn’t leave you sore afterward, you’re not really changing your body. So what’s a girl to do?

This is exactly why we were all ears when our co-founder Hillary Kerr told us her trainer's trick that effectively and consistently eliminates post-exercise soreness—so she can go hard without then being waylaid for days. Keep scrolling to read all about it!