Bye, Hormonal Acne: Doing This Can Erase Period Breakouts


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Hormonal acne is a sweeping term often used to describe acne that is difficult to treat, cystic in nature, or has a connection to someone’s menstrual cycle. But certified “hormone whisperer,” HHC, and AADP Alisa Vitti says, “Noticing when you get acne is a crucial tool for preventing breakouts. Is it before your period or when you’re ovulating? All acne is hormonal, but some are more integrally linked to our hormone cycle and can illustrate key imbalances.”

In most people with acne, there are multiple factors that add up to the symptoms of the disease. “In one person,” explains Sarah Villafranco, the founder of Osmia Organics and former emergency physician, “the culprits may be stress, diet, and bacterial colonization with Propionibacterium acnes. In another person, symptoms may be caused by a genetic predisposition to increased sebum production and thickened hair follicles. And in yet another case, acne could be due to a hyperandrogenic state (increased circulating testosterone) like polycystic ovarian disease or hypothyroidism—these are the cases in which it’s most important to check hormone levels and make any necessary adjustments.

Keep reading to find out how best to sync up your skincare with your menstrual cycle.”

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