This Magical Spray Completely Prevents Blisters

I’ve never been one of those ethereal women who gracefully springs from errand to errand in sky-high heels. Personally, I reserve my heels for special events. Don't get me wrong—I like how heels look. But almost every pair I’ve ever worn slowly sabotages my feet over the course of a few hours. I’m talking blisters, redness, and sometimes bleeding. In an effort to keep my feet’s suffering to a minimum, I tend to opt for boots.

So, when I came across a product that promised to prevent blisters and make wearing heels easier, I was filled with blind, overwhelming hope. The product is PreHeels, a clear spray that adheres to your skin, creating a barrier between you and your shoes, like a shield, protecting your feet from getting all scraped, chafed, and irritated. 

The stuff sounded too good to be true. But I decided to put it to the test. Before heading out in a pair of chunky heels that never fail to torture my feet, I misted the spray on my toes and heel—my prime blister locations. The first thing I noticed was a strong alcohol smell. Thankfully, it dissipated after only a few moments. It dried clear, as promised, but with a slight texture on my skin. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just noticeable. Then, I slipped on my heels and went about my day.

PreHeels comes in a little 1.5-ounce spray bottle you could easily keep in your bag for touchups throughout the day. As it turned out, though, I didn't even need it. I’d never thought I’d say this, but I actually forgot I was wearing heels. The lingering friction that usually accompanies each step was absent. When I finally took off the shoes six hours later, I flinched in anticipation, but there were no blisters there. My feet looked the exact same, save for a little redness here and there.

To remove the PreHeels spray from your feet, it takes a little active scrubbing. (We recommend a standard pumice stone.) But this is a small price to pay. I’ve used my PreHeels spray several times since that first trial, and it allows me to wear my heels, even the scary-high ones, with twice the comfort. It's fun not to have to save your heels for weddings and fancy dinners. This invention lets me wear them throughout a hectic day without bandaging my feet.

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