Best/Worst Body Days: 5 Women Tell Their Stories



As I read through the various stories included in this piece, I was struck with how closely I relate to one woman's words: "If I can be brutally honest, there isn't just 'one time' where I felt negatively about my body. There are always times." It's so true. We live and breathe through issues with our form every single day. We are human beings. And while she and I have suffered from eating disorders, those negative feelings don't evade those who haven't. So much emphasis, from birth on, is put on our body parts—their proportions, the length of our limbs, and the curve of our hips. Then it's the way our skin puckers, midsection fills out, or whether or not our boobs sit upright. I even recorded all my thoughts one day last year only to realize that even on a day I'd classify as "positive," I'm thoughtlessly negative about my body. The irony, though, is I feel better than ever. I have worked through issues with my weight and my body in a way that is both freeing and remarkable. So the takeaway is that love for your body doesn't mean you're never going to have an off day. In fact, quite the opposite. To be realistic and accepting of your form is to allow for negative thoughts to pass through and move forward. Self-awareness doesn't exist without balance, the negatives and the positives. Self-love doesn't either. 

Here's the thing: Body-positive rhetoric can be exclusionary (and frankly, unrealistic) if you don't feel 100% about your body all of the time, and I'm working on highlighting that notion more each day. So I collected a series of two stories from each of the below women. First, a time they felt really amazing in their bodies. Then, along with that, each woman shared moments when they felt not so good. Keep reading for their poignant words.