3 Easy Summer Beauty Looks For Every Holiday Occasion

Updated 12/13/16
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As editors, we're very much used to styling shoots, directing beauty looks, trialling products and editing copious amounts of beauty news, all in the name of work. What we don't do so much, is take on the role of model and tell stories using our own faces. Until today.

In an effort to discover which of our favourite runway trends would look perfectly appropriate in real life, we popped Byrdie Australia beauty editor Lisa in front of the camera and went to task using our haul from Sephora. Our mission: create three easy-to-replicate looks, best suited to sipping frosé over summer. 

If you're in need of inspiration for your office Christmas party, ladies lunch or simply a day on the Harbour, get set to scroll.

Sevak Babakhani for Byrdie Australia

The Look: Glitter Lips

Fashion credits: Camilla and Marc Poppy Midi Dress ($799)

Ever since Pat McGrath sent models down the Atelier Versace runway sporting a deep wine glitter lip at Paris Fashion Week, we've been obsessed. With December Christmas parties in full swing, there's never been a better time to debut this adventurous trend IRL.

Sevak Babakhani for Byrdie Australia

To keep the look wearable, opt for a dark base tone. This steers it away from fancy dress and into adult territory. 

1. Coat your lips in a wine red lipstick with brown undertones. We used Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme ($43) in Bad Behaviour. 

2. Using a purple-toned red, dab lipstick into the centre of your pout to create an ombre effect. 

3. Next, use Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlight in Champagne Pop ($56) to line the top of your cupid's bow. This will create the illusion of bigger lips. 

4. Apply a waxy lip balm, such as Sephora Super Smoothing Lip Butter ($12), on top of the lipstick. This will provide the glue for the glitter, so you want it to be a little tacky, without too much slip or oil.

5. To add sparkle, use a finely-milled craft glitter (available from party shops) and apply with a fine lip brush. The trick is to lightly pat the glitter into place so you don't mess up the colour underneath. 

6. Use sticky tape to lift off any excess and clean up fallout. 

Sevak Babakhani for Byrdie Australia

And voilà! The glitter lip is bold enough for an after-five function, yet it's surprisingly wearable when the rest of your makeup is kept neutral. We'd choose this statement look for evening Christmas drinks or New Year's Eve (just remember to sip your cocktails through a straw). 

Sevak Babakhani for Byrdie Australia

The Look: Faux Freckles and Bronzed Eyes

Fashion credits: Fame and Partners Republic Mini Dress ($319)

Faux freckles aren't necessarily a new trend (we first spotted them on the S/S '15 runways of Adam Selman, Oscar de la Renta and Preen), however over the past few months they've had quite the resurgence in beauty circles, and we can see why.

You guys, freckles are like drinking from the fountain of youth. And unless you've been genetically blessed with a sweet splatter of pigment across your nose and cheeks, you'll need to do a little more than simply skip foundation to emulate one of our favourite beauty trends of 2016. 


Sevak Babakhani for Byrdie Australia

The trick to creating natural looking freckles is to use different coloured pencils to create depth. You also don't want to be precise—freckles should look uneven, not perfect. 

1. Powder and set your makeup before getting to work. This will ensure your freckles won't slip throughout the day. 

2. Use brow pencils to create dots across the bridge of your nose and cheeks. We used Sephora Collection Brow Pencil ($12) in Light and Medium—brow pencils are best because they have ash undertones (rather than warm) and have a waxy texture. A kohl eyeliner would move too much.

You may need to use a light twisting motion to transfer the pigment on to your skin. 

3. Finish the look with bronze eyeshadow. Start by sweeping a dark brown, matte shadow, such as Dreamer from the Tarte Amazonian Clay Palette ($69), across your entire lid, then follow with Firecracker from the Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Palette ($69) across the top lid and beneath the eye. 

Sevak Babakhani for Byrdie Australia

This will be our go-to look for barbecues, boat parties and business luncheons... in other words, we're wearing this on the daily. 

Sevak Babakhani for Byrdie Australia

The Look: Reverse Winged Liner

Fashion credits: ASOS Yellow Cold Shoulder Broiderie Dress ($293) (coming soon), Susan Driver Three Bar Statement Earring with Diamonds ($1720)

When Gigi Hadid took to the Elie Saab runway, we took a moment to catch our breath. Instead of the ethereal prettiness we have come to expect from the couture fashion house, we were presented with something fresh and (dare we say it) edgy. A reverse winged liner, stemming from beneath the eye. We're calling it: the new take on the cat eye is here. 

Sevak Babakhani for Byrdie Australia

Traditionally speaking, winged liner is not for everybody. Wings usually stem from the top lid, making it a tricky look for anyone with hooded or deep-set eyes. That's why we couldn't wait to trial this Elie Saab-inspired shape—it's designed to look good on everybody as the line extends from underneath, giving you ample room to create your wing. 

1. Start with a dot of illuminator on the inner corner of each eye.

2. Using Kat Von D Ink Liner ($28), line across the entire top lash line, but don't wing out. Just create a base.

3. Use your finger to stretch the skin at the side of your eye out to create a flat surface. You want to ensure you're stretching in a straight line—try pulling towards your ears and keep skin taught. 

4. Extending from the corner of the bottom lash line, draw a tiny, horizontal flick. Again, aim towards your ears rather than up towards the brow. 

5. Keeping skin stretched, create a very fine line across your bottom lid, starting from the centre of your eye. Join the flick, then colour in.

6. Clean up any spills with micellar water on a cotton tip.

7. Use kohl on your waterline to finish. 

Sevak Babakhani for Byrdie Australia

This look is ideal for your partner's work Christmas party. It's sexy, yet you won't run the risk of people "not getting" your look.

Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Le Marc Lip Creme in Bad Behaviour $43
Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlight $46
Marc Jacobs Le Marc Blow 210 $43
Sephora Collection Longlasting Brow Pencil $12
Sephora Collection Longlasting Brow Pencil $12
Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Clay Palette $69
Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon $36
Nudestix Lip/Cheek Pencil $35
Kat Von D Ink Liner $28

Talent: Lisa Patulny, Photographer: Sevak Babakhani, Makeup: Jasmin Lo, Styling: Amanda Stavropoulos, Creative Direction: Jade Healy 

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