How to Pack Your Toiletries Like a Beauty Editor

Sometimes we get lazy and there are certain skills that, once mastered, make life so much easier. We think packing your toiletries in an organized, streamlined manner is one of these talents—and we’re not just saying that because we happen to be pretty good at it. As the holiday season approaches and plane tickets are (painstakingly) purchased, we thought we’d share some of our best tricks for packing your makeup, shampoos, brushes, moisturizers, masks, and more. (And yes, those are just some of the things we always bring with us. Another thing about beauty editors: We don’t travel light.)

Keep scrolling for the best toiletry-packing tips from our team of editors!

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Stock Up on Samples

“Pack testers and samples. When you buy your full-size products, ask for samples too—they’ll usually give you some, especially if you’re buying from a nicer line. (For example, if you’re buying a $300 jar of LaPrairie, they're not going to balk at a request for smaller samples.)” — Deven


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Divide and Conquer

“First and foremost, I divide my makeup into groups. I separate out anything with clothes-ruining capabilities, like liquids, goopy lotions, heavily-pigmented powders, and such. If I’m being extra Type A and careful, I will drop each item or group of small items (like eye shadow pots) that have the ability to open into their own plastic bag, so if catastrophe does happen, it’s contained. Then I’ll pack these items together in one separate makeup bag. If they’re going to ruin anything, they can ruin each other in one big, messy orgy, but at least they won't spill into and ruin a handbag, or damage an article of clothing in a suitcase.” — Alina

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Cushion the Impact

“I’m not sure where I learned this trick (Reddit has some of the weirdest beauty tips), but I swear I’ve saved many an eye shadow, blush, and powder because of it. Basically, I stick a cotton ball (or cotton pad, if it’s a round and flat shape, like a blush or pressed powder) on top of all of my nicer makeup products and then snap the lid closed. The cotton is supposed to act as a cushion so the pressed powder formula inside doesn’t shatter if it gets jostled around. Trust me, nothing is worse than opening your suitcase after a long trip and staring into a bag of shattered makeup (the pain is as fresh as yesterday).” — Faith

pack like an editor

Save Empty Bottles

“I always save the containers from my old empty trial and tester-size products. You can easily wash them out; then refill and use them again with different products.” — Deven

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Seal Things Off

“In middle school, I read a book about a girl who traveled somewhere across the world and opened her suitcase only to discover that her shampoo, conditioners, and other liquids had exploded all over her clothes. It was quite traumatizing. Ever since then, I’ve ensured I would never suffer the same fate as that poor girl by sealing all liquid products closed with a circle of Scotch tape.” — Faith

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Cushion the Blow

“If I’m packing anything that’s fragile or in a glass container (like a perfume bottle or face cream), I always place it inside a sealed Ziploc bag to prevent spills; then wrap a T-shirt or towel around it to cushion it from any travel-induced jostling.” — Faith

How do you pack your toiletries? Tell us below! 

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