The Super Compact Way to Safely Travel With Your Entire Skincare Lineup

Spills no more.

Palette by Pak

 Dacy Knight

For the beauty-obsessed, airport security is a danger zone. I can't even count how many times I've had a run-in with the TSA because the sheer number of products I had in tow was well beyond the allowed amount. But when you're committed to your skincare routine, it's a risk you take. However, it still doesn't make it any less sad or inconvenient when you're forced to part ways with your favorite products.

Last month, a new product entered my life and it's been a complete game-changer for how I pack my skincare routine. Super compact and spill-proof, Palette by Pak's The Original High Fiver is a travel tool that houses five of your favorite creams or gels (one of their tag-lines is "for all your goops, glop, and glam") in a convenient system that allows for just enough of every product.

Sure, one could buy travel-size iterations of their go-to products, but they'd be contributing to single-use plastics. One could invest in reusable travel-size bottles, but they're prone to leaks, nearly impossible to empty, and I've found they aren't durable enough to last much longer than a few trips. The Original High Fiver takes care of all of these issues—the caps are leak-resistant and the base of each capsule is squishy so you can press up to get every last drop. Once you've used up your products, you can rinse and repeat over and over again.

Palette by Pak
Palette By Pak The Original High Fiver $39

For my first go, I've strategically filled my palette with products I love using at home but, in the past, have been too tricky to travel with. The first in the lineup is Pai's Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil ($56). It's my favorite cleanser (a godsend for anyone with sensitive skin) and removes makeup like nobody's business, but at 145 ml, isn't TSA friendly. With the palette, I can bring it along no problem. In the second capsule, I've added several drops of Kypris's Beauty Elixir I ($230). At 47 ml, it's small enough for travel, but I've never dared pack the bottle and risk having the most expensive beauty product I own spill in-flight. In the third compartment is Tatcha's The Water Cream ($68). The original iteration is only 50 ml, so TSA-friendly, but the packaging, while gorgeous, is a bit bulky and doesn't readily fit in a slim beauty bag.

Most of my recent trips have been for friends' weddings, and I always like to do an exfoliating face scrub the night before the event prior to makeup application. I've packed one to two sessions worth of Fresh's Sugar Face Polish Exfoliator—all you need for such a trip (and the original size exceeds TSA limits). In the final slot, I emptied the last few squirts of my foundation as I'm due for a restock. It's much easier to travel with this palette than carry along an almost-empty glass container of foundation and take away carryon real estate from my other products.

In sum, Palette by Pak's The Original High Fiver makes packing your skincare essentials easy and efficient. It's perfect for packing gels, creams, and oils typically housed in oversize or bulky hard-to-pack containers or for more expensive or hard-to-replace products you don't want to worry about spilling. As an added benefit, it's significantly reduced my stress levels when going through security.

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