Heads-Up: You're Accidentally Starving Your Hair


Urban Outfitters

I’m happy to say that at this point in my life, I avoid styling products and heat tools at all costs. I like to think I take the French-girl approach to hair, opting for effortless bedhead chic rather than sleek straight strands or polished curls. My flatiron, hair spray, and their uncanny ability to turn my hair into a brittle bird’s nest are things of the past. I combat frizz and straw-like texture with coconut oil and hair masks, and I must admit this low-maintenance approach to hair made me feel pretty proud of myself.

It wasn’t until I decided to make a spontaneous salon visit a few weeks ago (oh, that fateful day) that a wise stylist told me that despite my efforts, I had actually been starving my hair all along. She taught me that healthy hair requires two things—moisture and protein—and that hair treatments are not one-size-fits-all. Some provide moisture exclusively while others offer protein, and knowing which your hair needs is the difference between lifeless and vivacious locks. Keep reading to learn the difference between protein and moisture, as well as how to tell what your hair needs!

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