Barefaced: No Makeup, No Problem



For us mere mortals (read: not poreless models or professionally pampered celebs), going sans makeup is usually reserved for the gym and lazy Sundays. Showing up to the office or a date without a stitch of foundation or a swipe of mascara? Not so much. To be clear, it's not necessarily a matter of self-esteem, but looking polished and professional. And well, awake.

But what if we challenged that notion, and took that "no makeup" makeup look a step further… to just "no makeup?" In truth, if you take the focus away from covering up imperfections and instead spend that time priming and perfecting your canvas—aka your skin—you can absolutely leave the house looking refreshed and put-together, proudly displaying a glowing complexion you didn't know you had.

Keep reading to find out how to put your best face forward, without so much as unzipping your makeup bag.

How do you prime your face when you go without makeup? Tell us your tips in the comments below.