The Makeup Artist Way to Apply Lipstick Isn't What You'd Expect



We recently caught up with Maybelline lead makeup artist Grace Lee backstage the Public School Collection 1 show, where she gave models an effortlessly cool look that enhanced their natural beauty. Lee is always a wealth of information when it comes to makeup tips and tricks, so we were super stoked when she not only told us how to mix two shades to get the most gorgeous taupe-like color but also revealed her technique, which proved we've been applying lipstick totally wrong.

"I mixed Gone Griege and Nude Nuance on the back of my hand and pressed it onto the lips using my fingers," she explained. Her color combo of choice made for a seriously cool, muted taupe-y shade we could see ourselves wearing all summer long—but her genius tip is next-level brilliant. "I like using the tapping technique to get the blood flowing, which you don't as much by using a lip brush or applying straight from the tube," she said. "Tapping on the color with your hand helps plump lips, and you tend to use less lipstick."

Not only was this a helpful trick for achieving the natural look she was giving models for the show, but it's also the perfect method if you're weary of bold shades from bright orange to deep crimson. "If you're using dark colors like a berry shade, using your fingers to tap it on is a good tip. This way you get a little wash of color, but it doesn't look as dramatic as it would if you applied it straight from the tube," Lee added. While it's all about personal preference when it comes to makeup application, we can't help but want to use Lee's technique from now on so that color looks more casual and lived-in.

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Opening Image: Imaxtree