How to Moisturize Your Scalp in 5 Easy Steps

Beautiful hair begins where everything starts—the scalp. If your scalp isn't in good shape, your strands won't be either. You have to take care of the starting point of your hair's growth to ensure strong, healthy locks (and avoid embarrassing hair woes like dry, itchy scalp and subsequent dandruff). While moisturizing just about every other inch of our skin is a relatively simple task (lather on lotion and you're good to go), locking in moisture on our scalps isn't so easy.

So if you're wondering how to moisturize your scalp and say so long to dryness, irritation, and dandruff for good, we've laid out the most important steps to integrate into your hair routine. From the shampoo formula to choose to wash your mane to getting serious with an at-home spa treatment designed with your scalp in mind, these strategies promise to hydrate your scalp and leave you with healthy-looking hair.

Head below to learn how to moisturize your scalp in five easy steps.

Choose a Shampoo for Scalp Health

Some shampoos and conditioners can strip the scalp of its natural oils, leaving it dry and irritated. If scalp dryness is a problem, consider switching to shampoos and conditioners specially formulated to suit the scalp.

Apply a Hair Oil

Replenish moisture directly to the scalp with an oil specifically intended for the scalp and hair. If you're doing it at the start of your day, wet hair first to avoid too much of the oil being picked up by the strands, and use a Q-Tip to apply the oil directly to the scalp. At night you can be more generous with how much oil you use, massaging it into the scalp and even running it through your strands.

Use Astringent Ingredients

Applying oils directly to the scalp has the potential to leave hair looking and feeling greasy. Offset this with naturally astringent ingredients like tea tree oil and chamomile infused in scalp-friendly formulas.

Try a Scalp-Targeting Treatment

If your scalp is particularly problematic, use a haircare treatment that targets the scalp. From exfoliating scalp "facials" to masks to anti-aging serums, there are plenty of scalp-focused products on the market ready to soothe, moisturize, and revive dry, irritated scalps.

Cut Back on the Number of Products You Use

While all of these previous steps require adopting new products into your haircare regimen, one of the most important steps to having a healthy moisturized scalp is cutting back on the number of products you use. As much as possible, keep your haircare routine relatively simple, nixing harsh ingredients and chemicals and opting for a streamlined approach that makes use of natural formulas that won't irritate your scalp or strip it of oils.

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