Tuesday Tip: Mattify Your Lipstick Without Powder

There’s a time and a place for a bright, glossy lip—ideally when you’re not eating, drinking, or wandering too far from a mirror—but when you need staying power, it’s matte all the way. If you only have shiny colors on hand, don’t fert you can fake the matte look! We’ve talked about using powder to make your satin lip color shine-free, but if you’re in a pinch—or just don’t like powder—all you need is blotting papers!

The same way blotting papers remove oil from your skin, they also soak up the moisture and oil from your lip color, without removing any pigment. Translation? Blot your lip color with a paper, reapply the color, and blot again with a clean paper to make any lipstick matte!

Try Tarte’s Not So Slick Oil Absorbing Blotting Papers ($10) or E.l.f.’s Shine Eraser Blotting Sheets ($1).