How to Make Your Hands Look Younger

When it comes to aging, it’s our natural tendency to obsess over the (mildly disconcerting) changes that we begin to notice on the places we look at the most (i.e., our face, neck, and décolletage). All of a sudden, mid–pore or mustache inspection, we discover an under-eye wrinkle that we swear wasn’t there two days ago, or an age spot that seems to have magically appeared overnight.

However, one part of the body (which can actually age us the most) tends to get unfairly neglected: our hands. And considering all of the amazing things they do for us (like preparing an amazing meal, holding the hand of a loved one, and driving us around, to name just a few), it’s only to be expected that over time they begin to show some premature wear and tear. So, in an effort to give our hands some much-deserved TLC, we’ve rounded up three of our favorite ways to keep them in PYT shape. Keep scrolling for our age-reversing tips!