How to Make Your Hair Look 10x Better Than It Already Is



Even on my good hair days, I feel like there's something left to be desired. Perhaps this outlook is a bit dysmorphic, but after the final mist of hair spray falls or the last wrap of a hair tie makes its way around my ponytail, I'm still left looking for better—shinier, healthier, longer, and stronger strands.

After some chats with my colleagues and friends, it's clear I'm not alone here. We all have our hair woes, and while it's not exactly feasible to grow Kim Kardashian West's hair from our heads overnight, there are some styling techniques or product swaps that'll make drastic changes on your usual mane. To find out how to get the hair we really want (and deserve), we sat down with Herbal Essences celebrity stylist Bridget Brager for her best-kept secrets.