You Can Actually Train Your Skin to Be Less Oily—Here's How



William Shakespeare famously said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Swap in “good skin” for “greatness” and you’ve got a saying that applies directly to my life. I fall squarely into the second category, having “achieved” good skin through meticulous and painstaking product research, testing, and analyzing. When people compliment me on my complexion, I beam like a kindergartner who was complimented by her teacher for remembering to hold scissors the right way (and walking, not running). This might sound vain and superficial, or maybe even the slightest bit psychotic (an image of me staring into the mirror and stroking my skin while whispering, “My precious” springs to mind), but I’m not ashamed. In fact, I’m proud. I wasn’t born with good skin, and sadly, did not have good skin thrust upon me. I worked for the skin I have now, and though it is far from perfect, it’s far less oily and acne-prone than the skin I had growing up. 

But I haven’t forgotten my pimply, oily days of yore. They linger on in the periphery of my brain, and the familiar flood of stress and anxiety floods over me still on occasion whenever I see the hint of a breakout forming. Thus, I wanted to share some key things I’ve done and learned that have help my skin go from supremely greasy to pleasantly dewy in the hopes that it might help anyone who has ever struggled with an oil slick of a T-zone. Yes, I have to give nature some credit—most of my acne-filled days were during my hormonally-crazy teenage years—but in general, I credit my skincare routine as the key reason I no longer have to blot my face 10 times a day (true story). Also, keep in mind that these are tips that have worked for me. If you have a skincare routine you love that goes against every single point I bring up ahead, by all means, stick to it. But if you’ve been struggling with oily skin for a long time and are on the verge of shaking your fists at the sky, screaming, “Why me?!” you might find some helpful information ahead.

Let’s get started, shall we? Keep scrolling to find out how I trained my skin to be less greasy.