How to Get in the Habit of Running, by an Olympic Gold Medalist

I loved running from the start is not something you hear most people say. Sanya Richards-Ross is not most people. The Jamaican American track and field star has not one but five Olympic medals under her belt—four of which happen to be gold. When an injury and health problem almost took her out of the race (literally) in 2007, Richards-Ross persevered with not only her physical strength but also her mental stamina; the gold medals followed. Her journey is an inspiring one, starting when she was only 7 years old. “It was the most amazing feeling,” she says about her first time running. “I felt like I was flying.” Our own feelings toward running are decidedly less enthusiastic, though we’d love to eventually get there—which is why we were thrilled when Richards-Ross agreed to share her motivation secrets. Ahead, you’ll find her thoughtful advice on how to make running a habit that you’ll enjoy and even look forward to. Fancy that. Keep scrolling to see her tips!

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