3 Ponytail Tricks That Make Thin Hair Look Fuller

@tylauren | Design by Zackary Angeline.

All of the thin-haired ladies out there know ponytail envy is real. When you see a thick, voluminous pony bounce by, all you can think about is how limp and lifeless yours looks in comparison. That all ends here. We gathered three surefire solutions to save wimpy ponytails.

Scroll through to see the three ponytail hacks every thin-haired girl should know.

Prop It Up

One of the main problems with fine hair is that it falls flat in a ponytail. To combat a droopy pony, prop it up. It’s as easy as using two hair ties. Doubling up gives your ponytail a little extra lift. You can also hold it up with bobby pins. Simply make an X with the pins right at the base of the ponytail to give your hairstyle a boost. 

Double Up

Or you can double up on actual ponytails. Separate your hair into two sections, tie off the top portion, and then tie off the bottom half. The first pony will fall on top of the second pony, camouflaging it and leaving you with the illusion of one fuller, longer ponytail. Click here to see the tutorial. 

Stack Sections

Teasing your ponytail to add volume is a no-brainer, but if you’re only backcombing one section, your pony is not living up to its potential. Instead, split your hair into thirds (yes, even the puniest of ponytails can be divided up into three sections) and tease each one for major volume. Click here to see the finished look.

If you don't have a teasing comb, fake the lifted look by adding a small claw clip beneath the top section of your ponytail.

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