How to Make Your Perfume Last Much Longer



Given that really wonderful fragrances are often a bit of an investment, there's little more infuriating than spritzing it on as you walk out the door, only for it to be undetectable by the time your commute is over. (You can practically see the dollar signs disappear into thin air, no?)

But don't necessarily blame the perfume itself, because there really are right ways and wrong ways to apply a scent to make it last. (Spoiler alert: Dabbing your perfume on your wrists and rubbing them together isn't doing you or your bank account any favors.) What's more, seemingly inconsequential things from the way you store your fragrances to how well you're moisturizing your skin are actually key to making them smell their best—and for the longest time possible. Straight from experts in the know, keep reading to find out exactly why your scent might not have the staying power it should.