In Case You Were Wondering, This Is How Much Beauty Influencers Really Make



Charting Kayla Itsines's overwhelming success over the past two years has been a remarkable case study in what it means to be highly successful in our social media–driven world. The fitness guru is a self-made star—someone who was able to key in on something that resonated with the masses, build a grassroots strategy around it, make that her business plan, and in turn build an empire that even she probably couldn't have anticipated. Now, Itsines, along with her cult-loved workouts, is a household name—truly astonishing for someone who was an unknown trainer in her native Australia just a few years ago.

As such, we were hardly surprised to see that Itsines topped the "fitness" category of the first-ever Forbes Top Influencers list, a (frankly, overdue) spotlight of the most lucrative names in the digital sphere, including a detailed look at their earnings. Itsines, for example, pulled in $17 million in 2016—and that's just the revenue from her Sweat With Kayla app alone.