3 Small Ways to Look Camera-Ready, According to a Celeb Makeup Artist

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We've covered enough red carpets to know that celebrity makeup artists have an infinite amount of tricks up their sleeves, whether it's the drugstore products they always use or an oft overlooked concealer hack. And of all the pros whose brains we'd like to pick, few rival Monika Blunder—as the go-to makeup artist for everyone from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Jessica Alba to Emilia Clarke, suffice to say that she's one of the best at what she does.

So it's rather exciting news that Blunder is opening up her wealth of knowledge to the masses by hosting a master class on red carpet makeup this coming Saturday, (rather fittingly) the day before the Grammy Awards. The best part: The class will be conducted via live stream, so you can get schooled on the ways of a camera-ready face from the comfort of your couch.

But Blunder also decided to do us one better by divulging a few of her best tips ahead of time. It's the worst when your makeup doesn't look as good on camera as it does in the mirror, so below, Blunder reveals three easy steps to evading that very problem.

1. Contouring Can Look Very Fake on Camera

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Believe it or not, subtlety is key when playing up your bone structure. "Red carpet makeup has to look great from all angles," says Blunder. "Since there are so many pictures taken on the red carpet, there is no control over which photographs get published. Contour is infamous for looking obvious and streaky. To ensure that the contour will look completely natural, I take the same beauty blender that I used for foundation and stipple right over the edges of the contour for a seamless effect."

2. Make Those Lashes Look a Little Less Faux

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"False lashes definitely make an impact on the red carpet," says Blunder, "but I never want the lashes to look fake. My tried-and-true trick for this is to use individual lashes in all different lengths and sizes. False lashes that are too long on the outer corners usually look fake and unflattering." If you're looking for a little extra precision, Sephora sells a Lash Applicator ($12) for this purpose.

3. If You Want to Really Commit, Don't Limit Makeup Application to Your Face

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on red carpet
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"Body makeup is so important on the red carpet," says Blunder. "So often, my clients wear gowns that expose their arms, décolletage, and/or legs." This is especially key if you'll be outdoors. "Since many red carpet events are during the daytime, the sun is out and the body easily gets flushed," she says. "You want the complexion to match the body and vice versa. I always apply a light application of sheer body makeup onto the exposed areas. Then I mix a body lotion with a little shimmer and apply onto the collar bones, shoulders, and down the length of arms and legs. This makes a huge difference and looks beautiful in photos." (We love Prtty Peashun, $9, for a natural-looking glow.)

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