No Lie: This Makeup-Artist Approved Hack Will Make Your Lips Look Bigger

model with pink blush and lipstick

Fact: Making your lips look bigger using just makeup is a true skill. Kylie Jenner may make it look easy (although at this point we know she's had a little, ahem, help), but correctly using liner, lipstick, and gloss to visually enhance your pout isn't always as simple as it sounds. If you've ever watched a how-to on YouTube, you'll know most plumping techniques are also not particularly life-friendly. Sure, dozens of layers of lip product can look real cute on Instagram, but IRL? Not so much.

Cue excitement because makeup artist Elsa Morgan (the face painting genius behind our summer trends shoot with Australian Victoria's Secret model Bridget Malcolm) recently teamed up with iconic French brand Guerlain to create a video explaining how to achieve bee-stung lips in a no-nonsense way. The best part? You'll only need an angled brush and three similar shades of lipstick to get the look. Be warned though—this approach is so effective, people may think you've had fillers.

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As you'll note in the video above, Morgan suggests starting with lip prep. Her recommendation is to apply a nourishing balm, then blot away any excess with a tissue—this will prevent dilution of the pigment you're about to apply. Next up, it's time to apply colour. Choose any shade you like, but bear in mind you'll need another two lipsticks (one, slightly darker for sculpting, and another, slightly lighter for highlighting) to nail this lip-plumping technique. Press the base colour all over the lips using either a brush or the pad of your finger. (In the video, Morgan uses Guerlain's Kiss Kiss Lip Contouring Palette, $93, which holds everything you need in one neat compact.)

To sculpt the lips, Morgan uses a darker shade in place of liner to create a subtle outline: "I take an angled brush and dip it into a deeper shade [of lipstick] and work up the lip line and all the way to the cupid's bow. Keep going with the darker colour along the lip line to create a multi-dimensional shape." To finish, Morgan simply presses a lighter shade of lipstick in the centre of the mouth for an understated 3D effect that gives the illusion of fuller lips. Easy right?

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