'Summer, I'm Ready for You! ': Laura Whitmore on the Amazing De-Fuzzing Technique She Loves

Hi, Byrdie readers! May has brought us our first taste of summer. Coachella was our first taste of festival season. And the hot weather is our first taste of having to show our skin in public again.

As much as I love feeling the warmth of the sun against my skin, not being hidden under 10 layers of clothing brings many fears. One fear is raising the question When did I last shave/wax/epilate my legs?

Conor McDonnell

Hair removal is a woman’s nightmare. Whereas I'm quite fond of a hairy man, we women must be hairless, flawless, smooth and soft goddesses. And, ladies, it's tough!

That situation when you're with your boyfriend and he's rubbing his hands up your leg and all you can think is Rub down! Against the friction! In fact, my best mate once went back to a guy's house. During a bit of smooching, she remembered the bushy wilderness beneath her jeans and excused herself to run into his bathroom, find his blunt razor and salvage what she could. She couldn't ruin the illusion of perfection and show that, in fact, he was dating Chewbacca’s cousin. Needless to say, the hack job outcome and multiple skin nips were not ideal either.

So, ladies, I may be late to the party, but I’ve started a course of laser hair removal. Imagine being hairless forever, not worrying that you slept in and didn't have time to de-fuzz before you left the house, not noticing the little stray blunt feckers around your ankle that you always miss. Heaven.

Of course there is nothing wrong with being hairy. It IS a personal choice. I by no means wish to oppress a generation because of my hair-free body. Women, if you want to have hairy lady gardens and blooming pits that is your choice. I just don't want to. I never felt shaving my armpits made me less of an advocate of female equality. Just as a man, who waxes his hairy back, shouldn't feel he has damaged his masculinity. It's the 21st century, and maybe we are that little bit quicker and more nimble the less hair we have. Think about it.

Conor McDonnell

There are lots of options when it comes to hair removal, but I’ve been going to Aesthetics Lab in Primrose Hill, North London. They have a version of the award-winning Soprano ICE. The Soprano ICE is the “gold standard” choice for long-lasting, effective and, wait for it, PAIN-FREE hair removal. Yes, pain-free! Can I hear an AMEN, sisters?

I never really was against waxing. In fact, I kind of got pleasure out of the pain of the hair being yanked from my follicles. It was somehow therapeutic. What I did mind was the excruciating discomfort of waiting a few weeks so the hair was long enough to book in for another session. It could be the hottest day of the year, and I’d be stuck wearing tights until wax day. And even then the little stubbly hairs would poke through the 60 denier shield.

The good news about laser is that you can still shave during the process without it affecting the outcome.

So what is laser hair removal? I've heard so many stories about how painful it can be, but let me tell it to you straight. It's good—it's very good. It’s quick and it doesn't hurt! Why have I not done it before now?! Because I was scared. But, folks, there are no intense blasts of heat or discomfort—instead, the therapist uses the handheld device and glides it over areas of your leg to deliver pulses of infrared diode laser to gradually heat and destroy your active hair follicles. The clever gadget also has an inbuilt cooling system so your skin never feels too hot. Wow, that's a lot of science right there! Basically, it felt like a hot stone treatment. Lovely.

I’m partaking in a six-treatment course, and each procedure has a six-weeks interval. So, yes, it's going to take the better part of a year, and it is more pricey than going in for a wax, but it's a life choice. I’m halfway through the treatment, and already my hair isn't growing back as it did, and I’ve noticed great results.

Summer, I’m ready for you. I may not have the most tanned legs (the joys of being Irish), but by god, soon you can rub a match up my leg without starting a fire.

Happy summer time!

Laser hair removal sessions at Aesthetics Lab cost from £45.

Have you tried laser hair removal before? Let us know how you got on in the comment box below.

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