A New Makeup Trick That Will Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Want to know how to create the illusion of bigger, rounder eyes? Easy: Just mind your lines during a crazy-easy two-step application. As it turns out, most of us tend to take liner too far (over). According to The Beauty Department, you should “trace the pencil ONLY along the center of the lower lash line. This creates the illusion that the eye is more ‘open’ and rounder. Smudge it a little with your finger or the cotton swab.” Be sure not to line the waterline; while this can make eyes look more distinct, it also makes them appear more “closed.”

We’ll try this industry trick with our go-to Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink ($25) for off-duty-model allure, but we also stand by a few other products for sensitive eyes.

Visit The Beauty Department to see this tip in action, and tell us—did this trick work for you?