A Super-Easy Trick for Last-All-Day Curls

Whether you like your curls loose and of the bombshell variety, or tightly spiraled à la the Keri Russell in the Felicity era (#neverforget), you know that in most cases, the struggle is real when it comes to actually making your hard work last all day (unless, of course, you have hair that naturally holds curl for days on end—in which case you can go away now and continue reveling in your fortune).

To help us with this dilemma, we went to the creator behind some of the most iconic curls ever: hairstylist Josue Perez, who’s worked with Sarah Jessica Parker for years, and now coifs the likes of Dianna Agron, Jamie Chung, and more. “I think the most important thing for me are the tools and the temperature,” he says. “You won’t need to go up past 450 degrees, but 350 to 400 will work perfectly for thicker hair.” As for the tools, he recommends the Versa Syle Iron ($130) from Rowenta—it’s actually a flat iron, which Perez says he recommends using for longer lengths. “Flat irons can give you a longer-lasting curl, more so than curling irons,” he says. “With a curling iron, you’re only wrapping the cuticle, but with a flat iron, you’re heating and stretching the hair.”

But back to the hack at hand. Perez says that after you’ve finished curling a strand, you should grab the curled section with your fingers, wrap it around two fingers (“three will make the curl too loose”), then roll it up towards your roots and clip or pin it in place. “The cuticle will seal in this curled shape, which means it’s holding the shape you created,” he explains. Then, just zap it with a bit of hairspray for extra hold, allow it to cool, then either rake it out with your fingers for piece-y texture, or use a boar bristle brush, like the Mason Pearson Brush ($120), for more old-school Hollywood vibes. Success!


What’s your curl technique like? Sound off below!