Step Aside, Avocado Toast: This Healthy Food Trend Is Dominating Instagram

While avocado toast will forever hold a place in our hearts (and stomachs), we're calling it: Posting even the most artfully crafted flat lay of the snack on your social media feeds reads a little passé at this point. (You know that ship has sailed when Snapchat creates an avocado sticker that says "Basic." But I digress…)

But foodstagram trends roll in just as quickly as they fade away, and there's a gorgeous new health food fad that has been dominating our feeds lately—and Pinterest, too. Fire up your blenders, because smoothie bowls are officially a Thing.

Much like avocado toast, the huge appeal of smoothie bowls is that the possibilities for customization are truly infinite. Toss in your favorite fruits, nut butters, protein powders, and supplements, and load it up with any and all of the toppings you can dream up. The limit does not exist!

That being said, the art of crafting the ideal smoothie bowl goes beyond delicately arranging a mosaic of fruit, granola, and nuts and filtering it to perfection in VSCO. Nutritionally speaking, there's actually a solid formula to abide by when it comes to the ratios of your ingredients—though which ingredients you choose is totally up to you. "Done right, smoothies are the most effective way to nourish your body and elongate your blood sugar, allowing you to burn fat rather than store it," says nutritionist Kelly LeVeque.

Keep reading to learn how to craft the perfect smoothie bowl!