How to Make This Chic Candle—for Under £10

Updated 01/30/18
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how to make a candle: Final product
Jenny Brownlees

There's something so relaxing about burning a candle. Whether you're chilling out watching some feel-good TV or reading in the bath, the flicker of a flame and a beautiful scent can instantly lift your mood. Sure, you could buy a candle in the shops, but creating you very own personalised version is even better.

Making something yourself is so satisfying, plus you can customise everything from the jar and scent to the label. Even better, they make a super-thoughtful gift for a friend or a lovely pick-me-up from you to, well, you. This version can be made for under £10, so at this time of year when money is tight and the weather is rubbish, why not give it a try? Click through below to find out how it's done (in 10 easy steps).

how to make a candle: What you need
Jenny Brownlees


Wax pellets (makes eight large or 12 small candles), £8

Pre-waxed wicks (pack of nine), £3

190-ml. gold jar, £2p for one or £8 for 12

Fragrance oil (we used clementine and prosecco, but you can buy a host of different fragrances here), £8

Optional: Wax dye, £5, and sticky-back A4 paper, £2


Pan, bowl, kettle, scales, measuring jug, clothes peg, and spoon

how to make a candle: Wax pellets and saucepan
Jenny Brownlees

1. Weigh Your Wax

For one 190-millilitre candle, add 80 grams of wax pellets to a glass bowl.

how to make a candle: Boil water
Jenny Brownlees

2. Boil Water

Boil a kettle of water, and pour into your pan until it's half full. Place the glass bowl on top of the pan over a medium-heated hob.

how to make a candle: Melt the wax
Jenny Brownlees

3. Melt Your Wax

Wax melts at around 55º, which takes around five to 10 minutes.

how to make a candle: Add fragrance oil
Jenny Brownlees

4. Add Fragrance Oils

Add 10 drops (or less, if desired) of fragrance oil to the melting wax. If desired, add two to three shards of coloured wax dye.

how to make a candle: The melted wax
Jenny Brownlees

5. Attach the Wick to Your Jar

Take a pre-waxed wick, and dip it into the melted wax in your pan.

how to make a candle: Fix the wick into your jar
Jenny Brownlees

Quickly place this firmly in the centre of your glass jar.

How to make a candle: Peg the wick into place
Jenny Brownlees

6. Peg Your Wick in Place

Thread the top of the wick through the hole in your peg. Balance this on the jar to keep the wick in position.

How to make a candle: Transfer your wax to a glass jug
Jenny Brownlees

7. Transfer the Wax to a Jug

Transfer your melted wax into a measuring jug for easy pouring into the jar.

how to make a candle: Pour the melted wax into your candle jar
Jenny Brownlees

8. Pour the Wax, and Leave to Set

Pour around the wick carefully, and leave to set for at least four hours (preferably overnight).

how to make a candle: Set wax
Jenny Brownlees

The wax will turn from clear to solid once completely set.

how to make a candle: Make a label
Jenny Brownlees

9. Make Your Label

If you want to add a label, you can download our template here. Save and print onto your sticky-back paper.

how to make a candle: Make a label
Jenny Brownlees

Simple black-and-white print looks seriously chic. 

how to make a candle: Stick to the jar
Jenny Brownlees

10. Fix Your Label

Once printed, cut out with scissors to fit your jar. Peel off the back, and press down firmly.

how to make a candle: The final candle
Jenny Brownlees

All done. Enjoy!

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