Game Changer: How to Wash Your Hair Without Clogging the Drain

I imagine the pipes in my shower to be a bit of a wig factory. The amount of hair that falls out each time I wash my hair is alarming and has definitely elicited a late night Google search of Am I losing too much hair when I wash it? Thankfully, no (or at least so says Google). But it's still annoying and drain-clogging nonetheless. (I know what you're thinking—yes, I use a strainer, but alas, my drain cloggeth over.)

Recently, I sat down with Lars Skjoth, founder of Harklinikken, also known as "The Hair Whisperer." Skjoth chatted with me about his revolutionary products and their ability to help people with thinning hair regrow their strands for a fuller, healthier head of hair. But in the midst of all this hair loss talk, I couldn't help but inquire about my own shower sagas. Without missing a bit, Skjoth explained that there's actually a way to wash your hair so that you lose less in the shower. Yes, you read that right. Upon hearing this, my eyes just about bulged out of my head, and I (nicely) demanded he tell me everything.

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