How to Look Like a Million Bucks (Even If Your Bank Account Is Empty)


Alchemist X BNKR

Fact: Money can't buy happiness. Younger-looking skin though? Well, yes, it can buy that. Botox, fillers, $400 face creams and serums—the wrinkle-fighting ways you can spend your cash are endless. We get it: There are bills to pay, Netflix fees to cover, groceries to buy. Beauty isn't cheap, but that doesn't mean those who can't afford a monthly trip to the derm have to resign themselves to a life of wrinkles and sun spots. No, we're throwing our fists in the air and taking a Marxist approach to skincare—everyone deserves young, bright, beautiful skin, no matter the funds in their bank accounts (or lack thereof).

Ahead, you'll find six ways to keep your skin in tip-top shape and even reverse the clock without going carte blanche with your credit card. From using your pantry like a secret Sephora stockpile to eating foods that bust wrinkles from the inside out, keep scrolling for the best ways to look younger on a budget. Broke girls, we got you.