7 Products to Hide the Fact You Lost an Hour of Sleep Last Night

Happy Daylight Saving Time! It’s almost officially spring, and that means we all get an extra hour of sunlight to play around in. But we lost an hour of sleep last night. Bummer. To ease the exhaustion a bit, I’ve rounded up a bunch of lovely beauty product offerings that will reinvigorate your skin (and your disposition!) thanks to ingredients that soothe, brighten, tighten, and generally feel amazing.

From what you should apply the second you wake up to the moment before you climb into bed, we have something for everyone.

This comfy pillow is treated with ion technology (it creates a natural antimicrobial effect) to reduce up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria on your skin. Because really, how often do you accidentally fall asleep without washing your face? And, moreover, how often do you wash your pillows? Don’t worry, I’m guilty too.

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