You're Missing This One Crucial Step From Your Eyebrow Routine

Updated 10/05/17

In case you missed it, yesterday was National Brow Day. (Yes, it was also an extra day off work in some states, but really, what's more important?) And it got us thinking that eyebrows really are the most important facial feature. Nude skin, bare lashes, and subtle lips can look polished and sophisticated if paired with a full, groomed brow. Although, unless you're Cara Delevingne, fluffy arches are much easier said than done. 

While there is an unlimited supply of brow products  that can beef-up sparse areas, there's no denying that a good natural brow makes the filling process that much easier. So when the national brow artist for Benefit, Hannah Mutze, offered us five non-negotiable tips when it comes to brow grooming, we jumped on them. Initially, we considered ourselves pretty clued-up in the world of eyebrows, but it turns out, there is one expert trick we didn't even know about until now (and you probably haven't either).  

Keep scrolling to find out what it is (plus four other arch commandments).

Eyebrow Grooming Tips

Tip #1 

"The very first step to maintaining an unruly brow—conditioning. Not dissimilar to the hair on our head, brows need conditioning, too. Keep an eye out for ingredients such as pro-vitamin B5, keratin, and proteins, as these work to nourish and smooth the hairs. Hair conditioner with the correct ingredients will work so as long as you are careful not to get any in your eye area."

Tip #2

"Have a professional trim your brows. A brow expert will be able to trim away excess length, any curly strays, and bulky hairs. It will change your life."


Tip #3

"Bigger is best. I advocate for keeping an unruly brow as full as possible, as opposed thin, high arches. Rebellious brows tend to have thicker, coarser hairs, and their regrowth is often wayward and uncontrollable. Fuller brows mean less regrowth to control."

Tip #4

"Use a strong hold invisible brow gel — your best bet will be one with a multi-purpose brush. Use the bristles to comb gel through the hairs, and a flat side to firmly press and secure the hairs into place."

Tip #5

"If you have full brows, don't over-pluck or wax them. Bold, wild brows have dominated beauty trends for the last several years, and they're not going anywhere."

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