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How Astrology Can Help You Navigate the World When Everything Feels Out of Control

2020 has been an intense year, to say the least. There's the worldwide pandemic, massive loss of human life and global shutdown, and justified protests against police brutality and systemic racism. It's all erupted at once, leaving us drained and emotionally exhausted. In our personal lives, we have confronted roadblocks and let go of the people, places, and things no longer serving us. This year has shaken us to the core, leaving us feeling afraid, panicked, and powerless. So, what’s next? There is hope among the chaos. And people are turning to Astrology as a guiding light through the darkness.

Astrology is like the weather forecast—you can’t prevent the rain and thunder, but you can bring an umbrella, waterproof jacket, and plan your day around it (so as to not get drenched). As a professional astrologist helping others cope during such challenging times, I council my clients through these intense cosmic energies, and advise how they can incorporate this information in order to transform their lives regardless of their current reality. So how can the universe help you during uncertain times?

Astrology is like the weather forecast—you can’t prevent the rain and thunder, but you can bring an umbrella, waterproof jacket, and plan your day around it (so as to not get drenched).

Job loss has been a major concern, especially among the millennial generation born between 1983-1995. Many of them entered the workforce with an unstable foundation due to the massive economic recession in 2009 upon graduating from college. Gen-Z, born after 1996, has also been heavily affected, as they are entering university or seeking to start building their own lives. If you are going through confusion, anxiety, or unsure what next step to take, Astrology can help you understand your life path through planetary placements like the Sun, karmic North/South node, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. 

Many of us choose career paths or jobs to survive, completely unaware of what our true passions actually are—the cosmos can actually help with that. Through the planetary transits—or, how the cosmic energies are affecting the world—you can also choose a new avenue that aligns with where the market is moving. For example, once Saturn and Jupiter join together in the innovative sign of Aquarius on December 21, 2020, there will be a focus on online businesses or digital content. Starting a small business focusing on your talent and passion is an idea to consider.


Upheaval in close friendships, marriages, and love relationships were also extremely common this year. During Saturn’s move into the sign of Aquarius earlier in the year from March to July, relationships naturally changed due to isolation or spending time alone with a partner. This was only a preview into 2021, as Saturn turned retrograde back into the sign of Capricorn on July 1, giving us a break to marinate in the lessons we have learned until its final move on December 17. Social distancing occurred during this time, as Saturn represents restriction and Aquarius symbolizes the masses. Quarantine allowed everyone to actually sit still, observing their lives and everything in it. Sitting with discomfort created clarity. Even if the loss is chosen, it can leave us feeling powerless. Understanding the astrological transits, or how the current planetary positions are affecting your personal chart, can give insight into how and why you are changing as a person. Once you understand this, you can then rationalize and release what is not working for you in a healthy way. When you know your own personal needs and desires, you can surround yourself with people who are a true match for you. A person or situation leaving your life creates space for something new.

A person or situation leaving your life creates space for something new.

Mental and physical health has also gained importance as our current system in the United States is not conducive to caring for those who are less fortunate, experiencing job loss, or unable to care for themselves. Mass anxiety has built over our personal cleanliness, hand-washing and staying six feet apart. The planetary event that was the trigger was the Pluto and Saturn conjunction in the sign of Capricorn on January 12, representing the dismantling of old structures, which formed a tense connection called an opposition with the North Node in the nurturing and empathetic sign of Cancer. 

This important astrological event marked a vital shift. We must come to terms with the fact that our current system is not working for us and work to build a society that puts its citizens first. It has made the inequities of our country extremely obvious, causing citizens to call for change, protest, and put pressure on elected officials. Through understanding this, it can help you come to terms with where society is heading. It forces us to see that even though life may be chaotic now, the universe is point us in the right direction for the future. In order for change to occur, things must be completely dismantled in order to be rebuilt. 

Here is a quick daily guide on how to cope with the remainder of 2021:

  • Book a proper astrological reading. No, the notorious apps are not going to be thorough, personal, or accurate like a human Astrologer with actual life experience and skill. Investing in your own personal growth is extremely crucial during this time.
  • After understanding more about your life path, personality, and where society is headed, creating a vision board for where you want your life to go is essential. It is impossible to know where you are going if you can’t visually see it. Post this where you can see it each day.
  • If you have the capability, change your environment to fit your personality, especially since we are spending more time indoors. Add color, scented candles, or simply just clean your space each day for clarity of mind.
  • Start a morning routine of meditation and honoring yourself. Spending twenty minutes in solitude can give you clarity of mind. Make it a habit of scripting and journaling after what you are grateful for and your goals for the day. Practicing gratitude encourages abundance to come into our lives.
  • Taking time out each day to focus on education and expanding your mind is also key. Using free outlets like YouTube can open you up to new ideas and possibilities, such as learning how to build a website, running an e-commerce shop, or create a podcast. The possibilities are endless.

In the words of the phenomenal woman Maya Angelou, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” Universal law tells us: as within so without, as above so below. If we let the external reality dictate our reality, it will be reflected in our own personal lives. Let’s use the remainder of 2020 to work on ourselves, affect change in our own lives and the society around us. Use Astrology to guide you, and you won’t be led astray as we enter into 2021. 

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