How To: Keep Your Makeup From Pilling

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Have you ever applied your serum, moisturizer and foundation, only to notice that the product starts to flake or roll up into small clumps on your face? Pilling is one of the most frustrating things that can happen when applying your skincare and makeup, due to the fact it takes extra time to blend, correct, and can waste more of your expensive beauty products. While we tend to go lighter with treatment and foundation in the summer, when the weather gets cooler and our skin starts to become more dry, pilling can be more common due to the use of thicker moisturizers, yet can unfortunately get on your clothes. Here are 3 simple tricks on how to keep your makeup from pilling that will leave your skin flawless all the day long:

1. Give it Some Space: When applying your skincare in the morning, a great way to ensure that it dries properly is to give some time and space in between applications. For instance, apply your serum, give it a few minutes to try and absorb before your next layer of moisturizer. Most people tend to apply products back to back and this isn't the best way to ensure everything settles in properly. Over the past few years beauty oils have become increasingly popular to use on the face as moisturizer. The texture of the oil is light-weight and absorbs easily into the skin, and contrary to popular belief won't cause you to break out or make your skin more oily. If creams are too thick, give an oil a try. All you need is a few drops of oil to gently massage into the skin. Making sure you have an ample amount of time in between creams or oils will not only help them absorb better into the skin, it will set you up for a perfect foundation application. After you've waited the right amount of time you can go ahead and move on to applying your foundation. 

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2. Use the Right Tools: Using the right tools to apply your foundations or whatever kind of makeup you use on a daily basis is key. If you're someone who uses your fingers to apply your makeup, it's not entirely wrong, but it's also not the very best option either. Using your fingers to apply can sometimes cause makeup to start pilling, due to the motion and the pressure you apply on the skin while applying. You can use a Beauty Blender sponge or a quality foundation brush, as these are great tools to use to apply foundation, that will combat signs of pilling from the start. In a light sweeping motion, apply foundation with your brush in upward strokes on the skin making sure no streaks are left behind. If you're using a Beauty Blender, lightly tap with the base of the sponge all over the skin until your makeup is fully blended. Make sure to clean your brushes and sponges properly after each use so that product doesn't build up on the skin, too!

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3. What's in it? Most people read ingredients on the back of food labels, but when it comes to makeup it can be easily overlooked. There are many components that make up your foundation and powder products, talc being one of them. Talc is often found in most makeup products, and on some skin can start to pill depending on how the individual reacts to it. If you're noticing that your makeup keeps pilling and you've tried everything that you possibly can to make it stop, check to see if talc is a listed ingredient and opt to purchase some talc-free foundation options. 

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Don't let pilling ruin your hard work, by following these 3 simple steps, you will have the most beautiful skin and makeup to last the entire day. Now who doesn't want that?

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