Use This Brow Product; Get Endless Compliments

Updated 10/12/18
StayPut Brow Pencil

Remember when brow shapes were dictated by decade rather than say—the actual shape of your face? Sigh. We’re still grimacing thinking about our early ’00s mishaps. Luckily these days are all about embracing the brows you’ve got (whether they’re naturally bushy or on the sparser side) rather than over-plucking them into oblivion. Of course, you need quality tools of the trade, and we especially love all of European Wax Center®’s offerings. The beauty destination has years of expertise in the brow market, so when it launches something new, we know it’ll get the job done and get it done well.

Exhibit A…

What It Is:

The BROWFECTION™ StayPut Brow Pencil ($20) is a dual-ended brow product—one end is a sharpenable pencil used to fill in arches, while the opposite is a spoolie brush for blending. It also comes in three shades, light, medium, and dark. 

Why We Need to Have It:

A smudged brow is a dead giveaway that your arches are more pencil than god-given.  But the StayPut Brow Pencil earns its name; it just doesn’t budge. The formula is creamy and sets with a powder finish, so once it’s on, it’s on. (It's even water resistant.) Simply brush your brows into place with the spoolie end, use the pencil to fill in sparse areas with light, feathery strokes, and use the brush to blend the color for natural-looking brows. Voilà—arches on-trend!

Where to Get It:

Pick it up at any European Wax Center®—visit to find your nearest location.

European Wax Center® BROWFECTION™ StayPut Brow Pencil in Light $20
BROWFECTION™ StayPut Brow Pencil in Medium $20
European Wax Center® BROWFECTION™ StayPut Brow Pencil in Dark $20

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