These Simple Habits Will Improve Your Everyday Life—and Skin

Let’s take a second to think about the things that truly make us happy… Sure, there are the big-ticket items (hello, pricey beauty treatments and spa visits), but it’s the smaller things—you know, our daily self-care rituals—that keep our minds clear and happy on a regular basis.

“Wellness to me is more than just taking care of myself; it’s a lifestyle,” says Los Angeles–based blogger Julia Friedman. “I live a healthy, active lifestyle. I work out, I eat well, and I take care of my skin by using only the best nutrient-rich products. Once you actually get yourself on a healthy routine, your mental clarity improves, and you’re happier and less stressed—at least I am.”  

In our never-ending quest of living a happy, stress-free life, we asked Friedman to share the small habits she practices on a regular basis for looking and feeling her best. From exercising regularly to indulging in nourishing skincare from Weleda—one of the first wellness skincare lines that was founded in Europe in 1921, with the idea that when we nurture ourselves with plant-rich ingredients, our beauty shines through. Here are a few key hints for kick-starting your own wellness plan.