The 3-Second Highlighting Trick That Will Change Your Face Instantly

model with cranberry eye makeup

@emilyabay_photographer / Instagram

Last year was undoubtedly the year of the highlighter. Every day we pressed, dusted, and tapped on layers of dewy shimmer in hot pursuit of skin that glows, and can you really blame us? Who doesn't want starlit skin that looks as if it's permanently filtered?

It's fair to say that cheekbones definitely get the most attention when it comes to highlighter, followed closely by the cupid's bow and inner corners of the eye, but this year, we're all a new high point that really does make a world of difference. Next time you pull out your Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette ($64), add some highlight to the tip of your nose. It opens up the face, and helps add extra glow.

Keep scrolling for a few amazing inspiration pictures (plus, three products that work a treat). 

Mermaid Glow Highlighter
Ciate London Mermaid Glow Highlighter $32
Hollywood Flawless Filter
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter $44
Soleil Sheer Highlighting Duo
Tom Ford Soleil Sheer Highlighting Duo $84

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