4 Expert-Approved Hairstyles That Magically Hide a Cowlick

Cowlicks rank right up there with split ends and frizz as a hair conundrum we totally hate. Try as we might, sometimes it seems like only a steamroller will flatten out those annoyingly lifted and kinked roots. But just as we were ready to start waving our white flags, surrendering to this seemingly permanent hair curse, we had an idea: Maybe there are certain ways we can wear our hair that will make cowlicks a thing of the past. Hence, we turned to Nina Dimachki, artistic director at Kérastase, to give us a root awakening.

But before we unveil some expert-suggested styles, we learned some key tips and tricks for keeping cowlicks at bay. First, Nate Rosenkrantz, creative team stylist at Alterna Haircare, said that the best way to hide cowlicks lies in the blow-dry: "When the hair is wet, blow-dry the cowlick in the opposite direction that it grows, concentrating at the root. Once you have corrected the direction of the cowlick at the base, you can style the hair as usual and live out the rest of the day cowlick-free.” Edward Tricomi, stylist and co-founder of the Warren-Tricomi Salons, adds that applying a shot of cold air after heating up the roots is also a great way to help the style hold its place. "Finish it off with a mist of hair spray and you’ll be good to go!” he says.

Now, on to the styles!

Have you found a cowlick-concealing method that works? Please tell us below!

Opening Image: Imaxtree