4 Reasons You Don't Have the Nails You Want



Imagine a world free of hangnails, chipped polish, and discolored nail beds. Where your fingernails are perpetually shaped to perfection and strong enough to combat breakage no matter how many texts you type or how many jars require opening. We're all in pursuit of perfect nails, yet achieving them is quite another story.

If you're like most of us and find it difficult to maintain perfectly-shaped digits and polish that doesn't peel, there may be a few bad habits responsible for why you don't have the nails you want. In addition to the usual suspects like nail biting and using harsh nail polish removers, there's a set of practices you may be engaging in that could be standing between you and perfect nails. On the bright side, these behaviors are fixable. The first step is recognizing what you're doing wrong and the next step is committing to changing your ways. Cut these no-nos out of your life to finally get the nails you've been dreaming of.

Keeping reading to see what bad habits to break today to get on your way to healthier, more beautiful nails.